March 30, 2023

10 Day nomadic tour: tradition and modernity

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10 Day nomadic tour: tradition and modernity, Iran Tours Guide: Top Tours and Tour leaders

Tour type

Daily tour


Group size

4 people





The tour starts from:



period of time

10 days


End of the tour from:




The tour package offered by Iran is a private tour. We know they enjoy their privacy. That is why we have come and offered our tours privately. All these tours are flexible and planned according to your schedule. All tour packages can be 100% customized at no extra cost. Just let us know what you want to add.


Live and travel next to the ancient and living heritage of Iran. Explore pristine landscapes, bake bread, eat fresh produce and reminisce about times gone by. Sit in the prehistoric Kashan and the red Abyaneh. Come to modernity with Tehran, Shiraz and Isfahan.


travel style

History of nature tourism


age category

Above 5 years



Breakfast only



ride – air


degree of accommodation

Hotel – traditional boutique hotel



suitable shoes

Personal medications

small bag


This tour includes:

– Visa

– Travel insurance

– Airport transfer

– Types of Iranian and foreign cars

– A domestic flight

– Private ground transportation

– English speaking guide

– Iranian SIM card

– Bank card

– Driver

– Insurance

– The entrance fee of the mentioned buildings

– breakfast lunch dinner

– 24-hour support

– Specialized tour guide for all regions of Iran

– Free entertainment

– Snack

– With the possibility of personalizing the trip

– Brochure of gifts and souvenirs of Iran and tourist areas of Iran


Travel program


Tehran, with more than 15 million inhabitants, includes Fars, Turks, Lors and many other ethnicities in Iran. Before heading to the World Heritage-listed Golestan Palace, in the center of Tehran, experience local shopping in Tehran’s large maze-like bazaar. The 18th century Qajar collection is a masterpiece of hand-painted tiles set in a lush garden. After a quick stroll through the city park, explore the National Museum of Iran, which houses artifacts from ancient and medieval Iran.


Start the day with the historic Saadabad Palace complex in northern Tehran, a 300-hectare complex built by the Qajar and Pahlavi kings next to the current president’s house. For local and lively shopping, visit the Tajrish market in the north of Tehran. For this day, buy some fresh fruit or some spices like saffron as a souvenir. You can also visit the Milad Tower, the tallest building in Tehran, or the iconic Azadi Tower, an amalgamation of classical and modern Iranian art. Fly to Shiraz overnight.



Log in on Instagram before 8 am to watch the best views of Nasir al-Molk mosque. Proceed to the Vakil Complex, which includes the Vakil Mosque, the Vakil Baths, and the historic caravanserai. Before visiting the Karim Khan Citadel, take a rest in the World Heritage-listed Eram Garden. The citadel has been transformed into a large and expansive garden, beautified with local vendors. A quick stop at the tomb of Hafez, a famous Persian poet, and dinner with a local Shirazi family.


Shiraz and Isfahan

Start with the World Heritage-listed Persepolis, once the center of the Persian Empire and one of the great cities of the ancient world. The towering columns, bas-reliefs and massive gateways are still imposing. Visit Naghse Rostam Cemetery, a royal cemetery with massive tombs, carved directly into the mountainside, from the Achaemenid to the Sassanid period. Stopping at the last tomb of Cyrus the Great, the first Achaemenid king, in Pasargad. We reach Isfahan at night.



After an early morning start, head to the area near Aliguderz to visit the 70m white water waterfall. After a quick drive from Qalikowe mountain, reach Beznavid nomadic village. Visit the cemetery of the great nomads, distinguished by its iconic lion sculptures. Participate in traditional tasks such as gathering firewood, baking bread, milking cattle, pitching tents, or tending flocks. Spend the night with your host family in a local nomadic home.



Start the morning by taking care of the sheep. After breakfast, visit the Bakhtiari Chinese nomadic settlement on the way to the protected area behind the mountain, which is covered with oak. After a nice hike, dive into the village of Khoyeh, full of organic farms, lush orchards, and mountain views. Get to know the local environment and visit the water mill. Learn how to spin yarn, weave crafts, milk animals, garden, farm, or even build buildings with traditional methods. Spend the night in a local house.


Mr. Seyed

Watch the sunrise on the balcony overlooking the mountain. Spend the morning in the ancient terraced village of Sir Agha Seyed. Life here has formed around the rugged terrain, creating a unique appearance. Visit the water fields, local salt mines, and many other electrical appliances that people here have been using for centuries. Return to modern life by going to Shahrekord, which is known as the “Roof of Iran” due to its high altitude. After a quick dinner, return to Isfahan for the night.



Start from the 16th century. Naqsh Jahan Square, the headquarters of the Safavid dynasty of Iran. One of its biggest features is the Qaysiriyah Bazaar, a local center full of handicrafts, spices and carpets. The crafts here have not changed for over 400 years. Visit the Sheikh Lotfollah Mosque for its mesmerizing dome, the Shah Mosque for its enchanting courtyard, and the majestic six-story palace. At night, visit the famous Khaju Bridge and Siwa-se Bridge, local hangouts along the Zayandeh Rood River.



In the morning, visit the Forty Pillars Palace, which is the reception of the Safavid royals and foreign ambassadors. Check out a local rug workshop to see how much time and effort still goes into handwoven rugs. Then move to the red village of Abyaneh, one of the oldest villages in Iran. Nestled among inaccessible mountain folds, its inhabitants still speak Middle Persian, the language of the fifth century. Sassanian Iran After a quick stop at Bagh Fin, spend the night in Kashan.



Spend the last day exploring the attractions of the desert city of Kashan, the birthplace of colored tiles and more than 9000 years old. Start with Agha Bozor Mosque, a seminary that was the center of local life. Visit the Sultan Amir Ahmed Bath. You can also see the Abbasid House and the Tabatabai House, two examples of luxurious houses with exceptional architectural details designed specifically for the desert.

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  1. Our 10 day guided tour of Iran turned out to be an amazing experience! Thanks to the professionalism, education and excellent human qualities of iran tours guide ( we managed to feel the country, its rich history, way of life and culture. What we saw during the trip can be safely attributed to wonderful monuments and unique natural objects. A three-day tour of the islands is just a great end to the trip!
    We felt delicious, comfortable, beautifulšŸ˜†. Thanks to iran tours guide for showing amazing things – whether it was a concert of young musicians on ancient instruments or a sunset in the desert, majestic Persepolis or poems at the grave of the poet Hafiz, red sands, iridescent rocks, saffron salt marshes or beautiful palaces and mosques.
    We leave, overwhelmed with emotions, under the great impression of the country!

  2. We went on a 10 day trip through Iran with a group of fellow travellers and all became good friends as a result. edris is an amazing person and a very competent guide. Everything on a trip worked as a well-oiled machine, which is beyond impressive given how many places we visited. One of the best trips in my life for sure. Thank you so much!

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