March 30, 2023

Art, handicraft and cultural tour

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Art, handicraft and cultural tour, Iran Tours Guide: Top Tours and Tour leaders

Iranian Arts, Iraian handicraft, Persian Hadicraft

This package is a completely private tour. We all know we enjoy our privacy. That’s why all our tours are private, flexible and planned around your schedule. All tour packages can be 100% customized at no extra cost. Just let us know what you want to add.

Iranian art has inspired empires from the Greeks to the Arab Muslims. Visit classic markets with workshops that haven’t changed much over the centuries. Visit modern museums and galleries. Enjoy viewing jewelry galleries in Tehran, Kashan, Yazd, Shiraz, Isfahan, etc.

This tour includes:

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– Private ground transportation

– English speaking leader

– The entrance fee of the mentioned buildings

– Breakfast

– 24-hour support

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This tour includes:

– Visa

– Travel insurance

– Airport transfer

– Types of Iranian and foreign cars

– A domestic flight

– Private ground transportation

– English speaking guide

– Iranian SIM card

– Bank card

– Driver

– Insurance

– The entrance fee of the mentioned buildings

– breakfast lunch dinner

– 24-hour support

– Specialized tour guide for all regions of Iran

– Free entertainment

– Snack

– With the possibility of personalizing the trip

– Brochure of gifts and souvenirs of Iran and tourist areas of Iran

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Traditions are mixed with modern life in this metropolis, with established women in full hijabs wearing full-length tents, alongside younger women wearing mantles. Before going to Golestan Palace, visit Tehran Museum of Contemporary Art in the center of Tehran. The 18th century Qajar collection is a masterpiece of hand-painted tiles set in a lush garden. Walk through the city park to reach the National Museum of Iran, which houses artifacts from ancient and medieval Iran.

Start the day with the historical complex of Saad Abad Palace in the north of Tehran. A complex of 300 hectares built by the Qajar and Pahlavi kings next to the house of the current president. Afterwards, visit the National Jewels Treasury, one of the most famous collections of diamonds and jewels in the world, showcasing the epitome of Iranian fine art. In the evening, visit the Moghadam Museum, a private collection and home of a Qajar-era tourist, surrounded by its modern neighbors but still resilient.


In the morning, move to Kashan. Start your tour with Agha Bozor Mosque. A multi-level school that has been the center of Kashani life. Visit Sultan Amir Ahmed Hammam for classical bath training. You can also see the Abbasian House and the attractive Tabatabai House, two examples of luxurious and luxurious houses with special and spectacular architectural designs. If you want to visit the pottery crafts of Kashan, be sure to go to a pottery workshop in this city. After a quick stop at Bagh Fin, spend the night in Kashan.


Stop in the historic city of Meybod and explore the Sassanid-era Narin Castle. Visit Meybod Pigeon Tower, Abbasi Caravanserai and Meybod Glacier, a thousand-year-old ice in the desert. Visit the Zilo weaving workshop to watch and enjoy local handicrafts. Visit the abandoned clay and mud village of Kharanaq, a well-preserved example of the face of Iranian cities thousands of years ago, and climb the Chak Chak fire temple on top of the mountain. Spend the night in Yazd.


Start the day off with Yazd Grand Mosque, built in the 13th century. Above the Sassanid fire temple, then go to the narrow and brick streets to visit the Amir Chakhmaq complex, which includes a caravanserai, a bathhouse, and many pastry shops. By visiting the Yazd Water Museum, learn how the underground water channels keep the city hydrated. Stop at the Zoroastrian Fire Temple and see the sacred fire that has been burning since 470 AD.


Go to Shiraz early in the morning. On the way, visit one of the oldest living things in the world, Saru Abarkoh. The cypress tree is an ancient Zoroastrian symbol of life and beauty. It is estimated to be between 4000 and 5000 years old. It is said to have been planted by the Prophet Zarathustra himself. Spend some time in the tomb

Cyrus the Great, the founder of the first Iranian empire, the Achaemenid dynasty, spend time in Pasargad. Leave for Shiraz at night.


Just before sunrise, enter the Nasir al-Mulk mosque to see the best views. Proceed to the Vakil Complex, which includes the Vakil Mosque, the Vakil Baths, and the historic caravanserai. Before visiting the Karim Khan Citadel, take a rest in the World Heritage-listed Eram Garden. A former prison, the citadel has been transformed into a giant garden, complete with local vendors. A quick stop at the tomb of Hafez, a famous Persian poet, and dinner with a local Shirazi family.

Start with the World Heritage-listed Persepolis, once the center of the Persian Empire and one of the great cities of the ancient world. The towering columns, high reliefs and massive gateways are still imposing. Visit Naghse Rostam Cemetery, a royal cemetery with massive tombs, carved directly into the mountainside, from the Achaemenid to the Sassanid period. Arriving in Isfahan at night.


Start Sef in Isfahan from the 16th century. Visit Naqsh Jahan Square, the seat of Iran’s Safavid dynasty. Explore Kayseri Bazaar, a local area where you will be immersed in the world of handicrafts and spices. Visit the mesmerizing dome of the Sheikh Lotfollah Mosque, the eye-catching courtyard of the Shah Mosque and the view of the Aali Qapu Palace. Stop at Chehelsotun Palace, the Safavid royal reception for dignitaries and foreign ambassadors. Visit the Museum of Contemporary Art and go to the famous Khajo Bridge and the Thirty-Three Bridge at night.

Pack your bags and head to a local rug workshop to see how much they still value hand-woven rugs. Afterwards, visit the intricate and elaborate 8th century. Jame Mosque of Isfahan is a former fire temple of Zoroastrians, which has been continuously built on it over the centuries. Then we go to the bright wall paintings of the Vanak Cathedral and the historical and delicate handicrafts of the Vanak Museum in the Armenian neighborhood of New Jolfa. Proceed to IKIA in the evening.

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