March 30, 2023

Car Rental for Tours and Travel in Iran

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Car Rental for Tours and Travel in Iran, Iran Tours Guide: Top Tours and Tour leaders

One of the services that transport companies in Iran provide to customers is car rental without a driver, which is known as “Rent Car” and consists of daily or even hourly rental of cars and vehicles. Rides and some collective vehicles such as a van that can carry up to 12 people. Of course, receiving driverless car rental services in Iran has necessary conditions and documents, which we will explain below.


Cars or rental cars without a driver are rented in two categories: Iranian and foreign cars. These cars are rented in different types and models such as SUVs, sedans, hatchbacks, crocs, coupes and vans.


The price of renting a car without a driver is calculated according to the type of car, the number of days of car reservation and the kilometers traveled. To get the price, refer to the page of the price list of car rental without a driver and then proceed to rent a car after viewing the prices. To reserve the desired car, you can contact our experts and book your desired car.


Derian Safar Omid company has been able to expand its activities throughout the country by providing exceptional and unique services in the field of car rental. In such a way that it is currently active in Tehran and Karaj by renting a car without a driver and has reached a high level of customer satisfaction. The cars available in Derian Safar Omid company are year models and have less than 3000 km mileage. All driverless cars in this company have full body and third party insurance coverage.


Year model cars at affordable prices are part of our company’s guarantee in connection with the lowest car rental costs among other car rental institutions and companies. The more days the car is requested, the cheaper the cost of renting a car without a driver.


You have probably come across a situation where you need a driverless car. You may plan to travel in a group with your family or friends, and due to the lack of private vehicles, you would like to have a driverless car at your disposal. It is possible that your personal car is unusable due to breakdown and you intend to rent a car until it is repaired. You may even own a luxury car, but you cannot use it temporarily due to an accident. Maybe you have bought a new car, but you haven’t received it yet, in this situation, renting a car or renting a car without a driver can solve the problems that you have temporarily encountered.


Renting a car without a driver is a good choice for families who want to travel as a group. In order to guarantee a car rental without a driver, conditions and documents are required, and you must contact the experts before requesting and booking a car.


According to the customer’s request, the delivery and return of the car can be at places such as the company’s main agency or at their residence and hotel. Derian Safar Omid company’s rental car delivery can be anywhere in the city or at your home or workplace according to the customer’s request. Just tell us where you want to pick up the car and we will deliver it to you wherever you are in the city.


After choosing the car they want in the list of cars and rental cars without a driver, customers can request and reserve a car online through a phone call, email or WhatsApp. In order to reserve a car in this company, apart from your origin and destination, you must determine the desired number of days or at least the number of hours you intend to rent a car without a driver.


There are rules and conditions for renting a car, 90% of which are common among all companies, and some rules are different in detail. Derian Safar Omid rents its cars without a driver and with a driver, when people rent the car they want with a driver, there is no need to leave a document or a deposit as a guarantee in the company, but customers who They are renting a car without a driver, they are required to provide the company with the necessary guarantee according to the rules of renting a car without a driver.


Our company’s guarantees for renting a car without a driver are very convenient and possible for all members of society in any situation. Our distinction in providing car rental services without a driver and with a driver is that if you ever have a technical fault with any of the rental cars in this collection, even if it is in the most remote part of the country, you can contact the customer service department with just one call. You will benefit from our roadside assistance in less than an hour, and if the car is not repaired, a replacement car will be provided for you.

Necessary documents for renting a car without a driver

Being at least 20 years old

Valid driver’s license with a minimum validity of 6 months

Providing a valid document to verify the place of employment or residence of the lessee (only for Iranian citizens)

Provide a valid ID card

Terms of rent payment:

A check or promissory note for the amount of the car (only for Iranian citizens)

Payment of the entire rental amount at the time of car delivery through cash or credit cards

Payment of an amount as a cash deposit (deposit) for the type of car requested

Car rental payment conditions

The conditions for paying the car rental fee are different according to the type of your rental.


Terms of payment for renting a car without a driver:

For the cost of renting a car without a driver, one day’s rent is charged for every 24 hours. Car reservation and cancellation is free. The terms of payment for renting a car without a driver are such that at the time of delivery of the car and closing the contract, the total amount of the rental along with an amount as a deposit in proportion to the price of the car will be received from the applicant.


It should be mentioned that all the received check or promissory note and the deposit amount will be returned to the customer in full at the end of the contract and after the return of the car. Except for the amount that will remain with the company, the rest of your money will be returned after 15 days and the illegal situation is determined.


Terms of payment for renting a car with a driver:

To pay for the car rental with a driver, 50% of the car rental will be charged from the customer at the time of request, and the rest of the rental amount will be settled at the end of the car rental service.


At the time of accidents and causing damage to the car, the criteria for damage detection is the official insurance expert and the official judicial expert. The meaning of financial responsibility is that in case of occurrence of any of the insurance options, the limit of the customer’s commitment to the company is mentioned, and the rest of the costs are the responsibility of the company, and if the tenant is not at fault in the accident and the other party’s insurance cannot cover the damage, the used body insurance deductible is the responsibility of the renter.


When someone is planning to rent a car without a driver, there are some things to consider. The most important issue is the car rental contract without a driver, this contract should not be ambiguous for the parties, and the customer should know what agreement has been made between him and the car rental company in certain situations such as car theft, accident, breakdown, etc., which causes It will create more satisfaction in the customer.


Another important point, when renting a car, try to make sure that you have a third-party insurance and its body. The cleanliness and quality of the rental car is also one of the most important points, Darian Safar Omid services all its cars regularly and guarantees the safety of the car. Also, if you have foreign guests in your business meetings, you can rent a car with a driver. For this purpose, Derian Safar Omid will provide you with experienced drivers who are familiar with foreign languages ​​for the required time.


The spiritual advantages of renting a car without a driver

Experiencing the pure sense of pleasure and excitement of driving: We cannot understand the challenges and pleasures of driving until we are behind the wheel. Let’s use it equipped.

Driving the luxury and modern cars of the world with a small amount compared to the price of the car: you can experience driving the latest European cars by renting a car without a driver and enjoy sitting behind the wheel of an expensive car.

Definitely one of the most important ceremonies in the life of every person is his wedding party. It can be safely said that the bride’s car is one of the most effective factors in holding a beautiful and complete ceremony, the car that the bride and groom ride in will be more visible to the guests. For such events, renting a car without a driver and choosing a luxury car can be a suitable choice for the bride’s car.


If you want to travel with a large family or friends, you need to rent a car without a driver. You can use SUVs for this kind of trips. SUVs usually have a capacity of up to 8 people, in this way you can save fuel consumption and use one car instead of 2 or 3 cars and enjoy being with all the passengers. Have fun in a car.


Determining criteria and criteria affecting car rental rates

Car type, class and brand

Car model and year of manufacture

Number of days of car rental

Reservation request date for car rental (peak days)

Benefits of renting a car from Daryan Safar Omid


Daryan Safar Omid has a diverse fleet of Iranian and foreign cars. Also, in order to meet the needs of customers, a wide range of luxury, mid-range and cheap cars are available in our fleet.

The cars of Daryan Safar Omid collection can be rented for any period of time you wish. You can rent a driverless car by the hour, by the day, or even by the week.

The contract for renting a car without a driver will be adjusted according to your needs and at a reasonable price.

One of the most important things when renting a car is to properly inform and understand the terms of the appointment to the customer. When renting a car, the customer must know exactly who will be responsible for paying the damages and how much this payment will be in case of theft, accident or damage to the car. The car rental contract at Derian Safar Omid Company is arranged in such a way that all possible cases are clearly and accurately presented to the customer.

All the cars in Derian Safar Omid’s fleet, including luxury, mid-range and cheap cars, are fully serviced and healthy, and Derian Safar Omid guarantees their health even for traveling long distances. Also, the cars of this collection are completely healthy and clean in terms of appearance.

All the cars of Derian Safar Omid collection have third party insurance and body insurance, and this will give you peace of mind when driving a rental car.

If you need to repair and service the rented cars, the repairman will be sent to your place by the company and will perform the service, maintenance and washing of the car.

You can rent any type of car in any city of Iran. Derian Safar Omid agents in all provinces of the country can provide you with all car rental services in the best way.


Airport ceremonial cars

Carrying out airport formalities in a special VIP position is one of the other services provided by Derian Safar Omid Company. These cars are known as airport transfer cars. People who use these ceremonial airport cars are simply transferred from the airport to the hotel or vice versa. Airport car formalities are usually with a driver because passengers do not have enough knowledge of the routes and they are prevented from driving due to travel fatigue. However, you can also rent ceremonial cars without a driver from the airport and use them for the duration of your lease.


Ceremonial car rental for sightseeing

If you intend to spend your holidays in a special way, you can use ceremonial cars and new and updated passenger cars of the world. When traveling to any region of Iran, you can choose the car you want and drive the car of your dreams for a few days.

Who are the customers of ceremonial cars?

Customers who cannot afford luxury cars, but have special events or important appointments that require these types of cars. Another category of customers are people who lost their car in an accident or their car is under repair. These customers rent a car to handle their daily tasks.


Other car rental enthusiasts are people who have traveled to other cities and are travelers in those cities and need rental cars for a few days. Other customers are people who want to surprise their spouse on their birthday or wedding anniversary and rent their favorite car for them.


Ceremonial car rental conditions from Daryan Safar Omid

To rent ceremonial cars, you must first contact the relevant company. Derian Safar Omid Institute will offer all kinds of ceremonial vehicles to you dear ones. From luxury models to high-quality models at the same time cheap, there is hope in the menu of Derian Safar car ceremonies. If you want to be a driver yourself, you must comply with the contract.


Meanwhile, if your car has a driver, you can more easily provide the terms of the contract. Don’t worry about renting ceremonial cars. With whatever budget you have, you will be able to use the car rental services of Daryan Safar Omid and get the car that suits your taste.


If you have an important appointment, you can host your guests with a ceremonial car rental service and a ceremonial transfer or airport transfer. You can also use ceremonial car rental or ceremonial transfer or airport transfer services to go to Imam Khomeini Airport (RA) or Mehrabad Airport.


All ceremonial transfer services and ceremonial car rental are performed with a driver. Ask for ceremonial car rental from Daryan Safar Omid Institute. We provide the best luxury and super luxury cars to our customers with the aim of satisfying them completely. Derian Safar Omid car rental company is serving all citizens living in Karaj and Tehran with special ceremonial car rental services. It is also ready to serve and cooperate with all companies, offices, aviation and tourism agencies for booking and renting ceremonial cars.


What are the uses of ceremonial car rental in Iran?

The use of ceremonial cars is many and different. These cars are mostly used in special occasions and for special people. In today’s modern and up-to-date world, important people and heads of states move around with these ceremonial cars to show off their political and economic power and that of their country. In most cases, ceremonial cars are much safer than other cars due to these conditions.


Ceremonial car

Ceremonial cars have bulletproofed glass and strong bodies and are very reliable and high quality in terms of internal system. Ceremonial cars give you the opportunity to cross the streets with power. In the meantime, it is possible that the heads and officials of some countries use their domestically produced cars to move around, but others choose foreign cars to move around.


Ceremonial cars of Iran


In Iran, older ceremonial cars made by European countries, such as Peugeot, Mercedes-Benz, or various BMW models, especially the five and seven series, are used to transport the president and other important people of the country. Of course, nowadays the use of ceremonial cars is not only reserved for important state officials and has become a little more common than before.


The use of ceremonial vehicles


Ceremonial cars are used to welcome important people from the airport or their company for meetings. But since the purchase of these cars is expensive, it is better for the hosts of this group of people to rent ceremonial cars, which are much more economical, instead of buying ceremonial cars that they may want to use several times a year.


By renting ceremonial cars, you will also need a driver, so be sure to keep in mind that if you want to rent a ceremonial car, you should also consider renting a car with a driver. In the rest of this article, we will explain to you some important cases of ceremonial car applications. Stay with us.


Ceremonial car

Ceremonial car

Airport transfer

One of the uses of ceremonial cars is airport transfer. To welcome important travelers coming to you who may be important political or social officials or business partners. Whether you are traveling to our dear country Iran from other cities or countries, you can welcome them by renting a car at the airport. In addition, you can use this service to welcome these passengers and bring them to the airport.


Transfer van

In addition to ceremonial cars, if your passengers are more numerous, you can welcome them with VIP vans. To rent vans, you have to rent them with a driver.


Meetings and conferences

One of the most important uses of ceremonial cars is transfer, taking and delivering important people to the venue of conferences or summits (meetings) and important people of that city or country, so the hosts of these important ceremonies should think about renting ceremonial cars.


work appointments

Another use of ceremonial cars, as mentioned, is to transport important people and partners with whom you have an appointment and, for example, you want to sign an important contract with them. In order to have the most impact on them, in addition to providing a good accommodation and reception, you can also provide comfortable transportation for them by renting a ceremonial car.


The type of ceremonial services that are performed are under the following headings:






The first case is for business people such as company managers and stock market capitalists, etc., and the second case is for political cases that have higher security.


Ceremonial cars have many features for the comfort and relaxation of passengers, some of which are mentioned below:


The back seats have small refrigerators, which are equipped with a variety of drinks and food items for guests.


The seats have a heating and cooling system, the seats have a massager and will give you peace of mind.


The best ceremonial drivers who have passed VIP driving courses are considered for your ceremonial services, dear customers, so that you don’t have any problems. All ceremonial vehicles are bulletproof.

ceremonial bus (VIP)

Car type: Scania, Volvo, Mann

Car model: from 1394 to 2009

Car capacity: 25 to 27 seats


(Super) special bus

Car type: Scania, Volvo, Mann

Car model: from 1392 to 1398

Car capacity: 30 to 32 seats

(Classic) Classic bus

Car type: Scania, Volvo, Mann

Car model: from 1390 to 1398

Car capacity: 44 to 47 seats


Special middle bass (Super)

Car type: Produk

Car model: from 1387 to 1392

Car capacity: 30 to 32 seats


Classic middle bass

Car type: Yutang

Car model: from 1385 to 1390

Car capacity: 30 to 31 seats


Special minibus (Super)

Car type: Isuzu Sahar, Iveco A50

Car model: from 1389 to 1395

Car capacity: 18 to 19 seats


Classic minibus

Car type: Fiat Ducato, Maxus V80

Car model: from 1387 to 1393

Car capacity: 15 to 17 seats


ceremonial van (VIP)

Car type: Hyundai H350

Car model: from 1395 to 1399

Car capacity: 13 to 16 seats


Special van (Super)

Car type: Benz Vito, Hyundai H1, Iveco A36

Car model: from 1385 to 1391

Car capacity: 7 to 10 seats


Classic van

Car type: Toyota HiAce, Vana Photon, Brilliance H2L

Car model: from 1390 to 1398

Car capacity: 11 to 14 seats


(VIP) ceremonial ride

Car type: Hyundai Santa Fe, Kia, Sportage

Car model: from 1390 to 1398

Car capacity: 4 to 5 seats


Special ride (Super)

Car type: Toyota Camry, Hyundai Sonata, Kia Cerato

Car model: from 1390 to 1398

Car capacity: 4 to 5 seats


Classic ride

Car type: Peugeot 405, Peugeot Pars, Samand LX, Renault L90, Dena Plus

Car model: from 1390 to 1399

Car capacity: 4 to 5 seats


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