March 30, 2023

Familiarization with the packages of Iran Gardi Iran Tour

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Familiarization with the packages of Iran Gardi Iran Tour, Iran Tours Guide: Top Tours and Tour leaders

The most complete 1401 cheap and luxury tours of Iran (plane, train and bus) from Tehran and other cities Holding a last-minute domestic tour with the highest percentage of passenger satisfaction from Iran tour special services is for you.

Different cities of Iran attract tourists from the other side of the water and its attractions have fascinated many enthusiasts.


If you are a traveler and interested in the tourism industry, you must have heard terms such as: travel tour, travel package, tour leader, types of tours, travel agency; You have heard many times about free and last-minute tours and other similar phrases and terms, and each of these terms can have special definitions that may be unfamiliar to us, and further on with the definition of tours and types of packages. We will introduce you to your loved ones.


What is a tour?

Tour in the word means “tour” and more importantly and the main topic of our article today, in the term of the tourism industry, tour is defined as a set of travel components including: accommodation, transportation, food, sightseeing, etc. It can be provided by travel agencies or tour operators in the form of a travel package for a person or people from a group of tourists, which is interesting to know that within the framework of this collection, the daily activities of the group, the route and travel plan, and… design and It is planned and another definition of a tour or travel package usually includes the following;


Tour is a concept that is used to organize a trip by a group providing tourism services.


 What is the package?

The package includes hotel + flight + number of days of stay + services. A package includes several hotels, the price of single and double rooms, as well as the services of the hotel you are considering.



If your trip is by air, we have several different flight classes and several flights such as: Mahan, Qeshm Air, Caspian, Kish Air… these are Iranian airlines that are for domestic travel and we also have foreign airlines, which including Turkish, Qatari, Emirates and… is.


Airport transfer

The meaning of airport transfer is a car that is waiting for you as soon as you arrive at your desired destination and takes you to your hotel and when the night’s stay ends, it picks you up from the hotel and returns you to the airport.


SIM card and Leader Farsi Raban

If you travel outside of Iran, you will be given the SIM card of that country, and if you want, a Persian-speaking leader will come with you wherever you want, so that you can travel to places of interest more easily.


Special packages

Things that more or less happen in travel agencies, travelers come to buy tour services whose travel plan or requested duration does not match with the group tour package for some reason. Some parties wish to receive tour services from the relevant agency, or sometimes they request to travel with a specific airline other than the one included in the package. In this case, the agency prepares a special package based on the request of its passengers. Below we will review this type of special packages.



In this type of package, requested services and all the components foreseen in the travel tour package are provided to a group of travelers who are in the form of a small family or friend group.



This package is prepared and adjusted like FIT, with the difference that the number of people in this package is more than the previous package and often includes groups that decide to go on a tourist trip as students, organizations, etc. is



As can be seen from the title of this section, this package is prepared for groups that have non-tourist goals and travel mostly to participate in scientific, exhibition, educational or sports conferences.


Here we describe two packages of Iranology tours for you.


    Package No. 1 (Iranology tour (classic))


first day:

Airport to hotel

Saad Abad Palace

Tajrish market

Azadi Tower


second day:

Golestan palace

Zoroastrian fire temple

One of the museums

Church of St. Gregory


third day:

Moving to Kashan

Visiting Finn’s Garden

Historical district

Tabatabai’s house

Boroujerdi House

Sultan Amir Ahmad Bathhouse


Fourth day:

The underground city of Nushabad

Maranjab desert


five Day:

Moving to Isfahan

Visiting Abyaneh

Paul Khajo


Sixth day:

Naghsh Jahan square

Shah Mosque

Aali Qapu mansion

Sheikh Lotfollah Mosque

Armenian Quarter

Vank Church

seventh day:

central Mosque

Spire vacillatory

music Museum



Eighth day:

Moving to Yazd

Visiting the historical neighborhood of Fahadan

central Mosque

Iskandar Prison

Amir Chakhmagh Historical Mosque


ninth day:

Zoroastrian tomb

Zoroastrian fire temple

Zoroast neighborhood

Dowlat Abad Garden


tenth day:

Moving to Shiraz


Rostam’s role


eleventh day:

Nasir-ol-Molk Mosque

The Orangery consistency

Karim Khan Citadel

Vakil mosque

Vakil bazaar


twelveth day:

Ali Ibn Hamza Mausoleum

Eram garden

Tomb of Hafez


thirteenth day:


2.  Package No. 2 (Nature-North entertainment)

first da:

Airport to Ramsar

Namak Abrud Telecabin

Water sports


second day:

Namak Abrud


eco resort


third day:

Anzali Free Zone

Nilofarabi lagoon


Fourth day:


Gisum forest and sea

Visadar waterfall

Talash’s Sledding


five Day:

asalem dream road to Khalkhal

Light forest climbing and visiting the waterfall in the heart of the forest


Sixth day:


Roodkhan Castle


seventh day:

Saqalaksar lake

Saravan Forest Park

Rasht Gardi


Eighth day:

Transfer to Tehran


Use Iran Tour packages to bring you and your companions a happy and memorable experience in Iran. Have a pure stay in the city of windy, kariz and adobe houses. Have a wonderful trip to the first imperial city of Iran, as well as a trip to half of the world and the historic Naghsh Jahan square. Enjoy your stay in the precious historical desert cities of Iran and enjoy the beautiful sights of Shiraz and Isfahan.

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