March 30, 2023

Iran tour guides

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Iran tour guides, Iran Tours Guide: Top Tours and Tour leaders

Iran TOurs Guide

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Iran tour tourism services that it provides to its passengers include a translator, a driver and a guide who is well versed in the history and nature of Iran, so that you can experience a completely carefree and peaceful trip.


Definition of tour guide


The definitions and descriptions used for tour guides differ significantly from region to region, from country to country, and even in the private and public sectors. Tour guide, tour manager, translator, tour supervisor, tour guide, tour guide are among the terms used for the person who is responsible for accompanying and informing tourists.


In the meantime, the word tour guide is the most common.


In the definition cited in many sources as the definition of a tour guide, “a tour guide is a person who guides a group or individuals of visitors away from their homes or abroad around monuments, sites, or an urban area. And with them, in their own language and in an attractive and exciting way, he describes the natural and cultural environment. It should be remembered that this definition is very general and tour guides have their own definitions according to the field of activity, and the roles they undertake, which is beyond the scope of this short article to examine the typology of tour guides.


Now we have to see what characteristics a person who wants to enter the tour guide profession should have.


Features of tour guides


The requirement to enter and survive in the guidance profession is to have a set of individual and specialized characteristics, some of these characteristics are mentioned below.


Individual characteristics of tour guides


The appearance and cover of the guide is one of the personal characteristics that play an important role in the acceptance of the guide by the passengers. Appearance and clothing conveys messages about a person’s economic level, educational level, social status, and moral characteristics to other people. According to this issue, a guide should have appropriate clothing according to the type of tour he leads (city tour, nature tour, religious tour, etc.).


Physical ability suitable for the tour is one of the other personal characteristics needed in the guiding profession. Sometimes it is necessary for the guide to accompany the tour for one week, two weeks, three weeks. The guide must have the necessary physical strength to accompany the tour and perform his duties be


Sufficient information and the ability to provide information are other personal characteristics of the guide. The knowledge and information required by the tour guide is not limited to historical and archeological information. During the trip, tourists ask many questions about the political, economic, social, cultural, and geographical conditions. And the religious people of the destination ask that the guide as the most important authority to answer these questions should have sufficient knowledge.


Knowledge alone is not enough. Some guides convey information to tourists like a recorded tape, which is very boring and boring. What tourists need and expect is to provide brief and useful information in an appropriate manner and according to the principles of verbal and non-verbal communication, such as paying attention to The tone of voice, pauses, eye contact and expression are appropriate.


Humor is one of the other characteristics of a person that is important in being close to group members and their feeling of comfort with the guide, but along with humor, another characteristic, politeness, should also be taken into consideration and should not go beyond accepted social principles and boundaries.


Flexibility is another personal characteristic of a tour guide, which is very important in the field of travel where many non-progressive issues may occur. The guide must have a spirit of flexibility and be able to convince others to be flexible and patient.


A positive attitude towards issues and people is one of the other personal characteristics of the guide. The guide should avoid prevailing opinions and convey a positive attitude to the tour members and the local community as well. With this attitude, the guide is able to play an important role as a cultural intermediary between tourists and the local community.


Interest in the job of a tour guide is one of the other important personal characteristics in the tour guide career. Among the features of this job are 24-hour work, being away from family, communicating with people with very different personality traits, the occurrence of unexpected events on the tour, and job security. Low, seasonality, stress and risk are high. The necessity of survival in this job is love and passion for this work.


Special features of tour guides


According to various researchers and authors, the specialized characteristics of tour guides are a wide and diverse range, some of which are briefly mentioned.


Management, the guide has the role of a manager in the tour more than anything else. Therefore, he must have the abilities of a manager, including leadership, supervision and control, budgeting and organization.


Training, although the evidence shows that the use of trained tour guides is very important in increasing the competitive advantage of agencies providing tourism services and increasing the level of satisfaction of their customers, unfortunately, some agencies are still made up of people who lack the necessary training. used as a guide. A person who wants to enter the profession of tour guide, needs to participate in the training courses of tour guides.


Familiarity with first aid, sometimes situations arise during the tour that require a timely response from the guide. It is necessary for the guide to be familiar with the general principles of first aid, which sometimes mean the difference between life and death. Perform the necessary actions before medical services are provided, while also helping to keep others in the group calm.


Map reading and orientation, we Iranians have a habit of stopping frequently to ask for the address and asking others for the address. This practice is not allowed on the tour except in exceptional cases. have enough information.


Responsibility, when tourists need the help of a guide, statements such as “Ask the hotel reception” or “Call the agency” are not accepted from the guide. The guide is necessary even in cases where the request of tourists is outside the scope of his duties, with his attention and effort. Tourists feel that they are neglected and the guide lacks a sense of responsibility.


Knowledge of the rules and regulations of the destination, including the rules related to culture, accommodation, transportation, clothing and transactions. While being aware of these rules, the guide should inform the tourists to avoid any problems for the tourists due to lack of knowledge about the conditions and rules of the destination.


Cooperating with others Service staff, guides interact with many people during the tour, including agency operations staff, hotels, airports, restaurants, sites and attractions, local and foreign guides, and drivers. Even if this If people lack the service attitude and spirit of cooperation necessary to provide services to tourists, the guide should be able to have appropriate interactions with these people.


Knowing a foreign language and mastering multiple languages ​​is an undeniable advantage for a guide. Guides who master more languages ​​have more chances to work.


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