March 30, 2023

Northern nature tourism package number 2

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Northern nature tourism package number 2, Iran Tours Guide: Top Tours and Tour leaders

Iran Tours Guide for North of Iran

first day

On the first day, we will visit Ramsar Airport. Ramsar Airport is the only coastal airport in Iran, which is located in the northern region of Ramsar city in Mazandaran province. Ramsar is one of the most beautiful cities in northern Iran, which owes its beauty to its geographical location. Due to its location between the sea and the forests of the north, the city has a different climate and spectacular nature.

All the charms of this city have made Ramsar become a tourist city and attract many travelers every month of the year. For this reason, the airport of this city is considered one of the active airports in the country, and besides the small population of the city, it has various flights during the week.

The first day of the trip does not end only with visiting the airport. We have a visit to the Ramsar cable car in our first day program. A place that is two kilometers long, has one of the most beautiful cable car routes in Iran. It offers a wonderful view of Ramsar, the Caspian Sea and the surrounding cities, and it is considered one of Ramsar’s must-see places. In addition to the children’s amusement park, which is considered an attractive place for children to play, a variety of water sports and motor sports have also been prepared in this complex.

Water sports is our third place to visit. The beautiful city of Ramsar, as the bride of Iranian cities, has many facilities and tourist attractions. Ramsar water sports are one of the most popular and attractive entertainments. If you plan to travel to Ramsar, places that have water activities can be the best option to experience excitement and create a pure memory for you and your loved ones. This club is a place for all tastes. If you love peace, you can enjoy walking on the beach and see the beautiful Caspian Sea view, and if you love excitement and high adrenaline, this is the place you are looking for!


Jet skis, speed boats, water skiing, sea shuttle and many other facilities are provided for you. Of course, the cost of these games is a bit high, but it is worth it to experience such a pleasure once in a lifetime. Also, the Ramsar cable car is located near this sports complex.


second day:

Well, now we want to talk to you about the second day of the trip. On the second day, we will go to Abroud salt. Abroud salt is one of the most popular tourist destinations in the north of the country, which is located in Mazandaran province and 12 km from Chalus. In addition to the green environment and very good weather of this region, the most important reason for its fame can be considered the Abroud salt cable car, which attracts many travelers. In addition, Banafsheh and Shamshad forest parks with an area of ​​approximately 200 hectares and the forest range of Meduben mountain have created wonderful visual attractions that are worth seeing. The presence of facilities such as restaurants, restrooms, parking, shopping centers, etc., has also become a reason for tourists to choose this tourist area for their trip.

Lahijan is the second place to visit on the second day of the trip. The beautiful and spectacular city of Lahijan, with its ancient history, wonderful natural landscapes, and its proximity to one of the highest peaks in the country, is one of the most beautiful tourist areas in the north, which attracts many travelers at different times of the year, especially Nowruz days and summer days. Reads.


Lahijan, which is known as the bride of Gilan, the land of fragrant tea and the city of orange blossoms, is built on a flat and plain land that seems to be due to the sediments left by the rivers of Gilan. It is interesting to know that this city was conquered by “Uljaito” in the beginning of the 8th century AH and in the year 705 and became the seat of the “Qiaian” government. A place where the pleasure of traveling will remain in your heart and soul.

The third place that we have considered for you on the second day is the ecotourism residence. Have you ever stayed in a rural and pristine environment? Do you want to have an exciting trip to such rural houses? If you want to enjoy a new accommodation experience on your trip and try the taste of life in a traditional style, we suggest you to have a different stay in eco-tourism accommodations such as North eco-tourism accommodations. Ecotourism is a type of travel that has many fans among domestic and foreign tourists today. So that this word is now held in tourism not in a traditional way, but in a completely modern way, and it has had a significant impact in expanding and promoting the tourism industry.


third day:

On the third day of the trip, we will visit Anzali Free Zone. Anzali Free Zone is very wide and it will be very difficult to choose a suitable store or shopping center in it. Certainly, the second time you travel to Anzali port, you will have more information than the first time, but at least 10 trips are needed to be able to know this port completely and to know which shopping center and which store is more compatible with your needs. But as you know, with the help of other people’s experience, you will live as long as they live.


In Anzali port, as in other free trade zones, imports are easily done and traders do not need to pay taxes and duties. This applies to all goods, from clothes and cosmetics to cars and luxury goods. But the problem is that luxury and expensive vehicles such as cars are only allowed to travel in the free zone. It should also be noted that buying in bulk for sale in other cities is also not possible, and if these goods are seen for sale outside the free zone, they are considered contraband and subject to fines. So, what kind of people is the free zone suitable for?


First of all, the free zone is suitable for those who want to buy for a year or a few months for themselves and their family in one trip. In this way, all the family members travel to Anzali port and in addition to enjoying the spectacular views of Anzali lagoon, they visit the markets of this area and buy their needs from clothes to toiletries at a much lower price than in Tehran market.

Nilofarabi Lagoon is the last place for the third day of the trip that we have considered for you. Babol water lily pond is located in the eastern belt of Babol city in Mazandaran province. This wetland is one of the largest wetlands in the urban area of ​​Mazandaran province, with an area of ​​34 hectares, which supplies agricultural water for 3 districts: Haider Kala, Haji Kala and Hamza Kala. Lotus Lagoon has created a very good place for tourism due to its favorable environmental location. You know that you had a lot of fun and felt the excitement with these three days of sightseeing.


Fourth day:

We will start the fourth day of the trip by visiting Talash. Now we want to go to one of the oldest cities of Gilan and have a tour in the attractive combination of mountains, sea and beautiful Talash plains.


Talash and its residents are among the oldest neighbors of the Caspian Sea and have always carried the color and smell of authenticity with them. In addition to the originality and antiquity, the unique nature of this region has turned the city into a complete set of God-given beauties by including mountains, forests and seas together.

The second tourist place for the fourth day of the trip is Gisom forest and sea. Gisom is one of the most beautiful and pristine 80-hectare forest in Islam, which is located 90 km from the Rasht-Astara Road and 15 km south of Talesh. The name in that area is called this name.

Gisum recreation area is not just a forest area; Because next to it, there is a pristine beach where you can sit and watch the sea and its beauty for hours. The existence of the forest and the sea together, each of which contains a world of beauty, makes the Gisum region one of the most attractive and main tourist destinations. The very high potential of this area was noticed by Talash Municipality about 15 years ago, and the investments made led to the formation of one of the extremely attractive forest and coastal recreation areas of the country. After passing through the Gisum forest, you can go to the beach of Gisum sea. Here, a combination of forest and sea has created a soul-pleasing view that fascinates every traveler. Next to this beautiful sea, which is framed by a strip of dense forest, you can record memorable moments by doing water sports such as paragliding, boating, jet skiing or swimming.

The third Mecca that we are considering is Visadar waterfall. Visadar waterfall is one of the best natural attractions and sights of Gilan province, which stands out with a unique appearance in the virgin forests of the north. These forests near Talash mountains with dense vegetation and beautiful nature have created a pleasant climate around the Visadar waterfall. Visadar waterfall is one of the most beautiful sights of Rezvanshahr in Gilan province. This waterfall is considered the third highest waterfall in Gilan and is located among the beautiful forests of Rezvan Shahr. The unique shape of the walls around Visadar waterfall has created beautiful scenery in the heart of the forest.

Visadar waterfall flows over high boulders and falls into the pool below. The height of the Visadar waterfall reaches 15 meters and the rocky wall of the waterfall is layered and stairs have been created in some parts of the walls due to erosion. The state of the stones around the waterfall have created a semi-circular space in the lower pool for swimming. The passage of light through the holes in the leaves of the trees and its reflection from the waterfall pool in the middle of the noise of water make a very pleasant combination. Due to the high density of trees, the forest around the Visadar waterfall has a pleasant air and is very suitable for walking.

Talash sled is the last sight-seeing place we visit on the fourth day of the trip. Gilan province is one of the most popular provinces of the country for travel. Talash is one of the small cities of Gilan that you must have visited, but maybe you didn’t know that this lovely city also has sledding, and you can have various plans for fun. Talash sled is an exciting place to have fun and have fun, but we must say that you will not only enjoy the excitement, but you will also be excited by seeing the nature around the sled. Talash sledge is built in a beautiful nature, which is a cool and spectacular tourist attraction. Talash sled is one of the coolest rail sleds in the country, the length of which is 1 km and 55 meters. This sled was put into operation in 1989, and since the same year, it has become one of the most popular exciting activities in Talash. Talash sled is located in this city at the end of Jafar Tayyar Street and in the middle of Siahdaran Forest Park.


the fifth day:

We left you to see the dream road of Islam to Khalkhal in the fifth day of the trip. Islam is a part of Talash city with a population of about 10,000 people. The people of Talesh speak the Talesh and Turkish languages, and its products include carpets, pottery, animal products, wood, and paper. There are other tourist attractions around Talash, such as the Gisum forest and its recreational areas. Tourists traveling from Khalkhal to Islam will visit the beautiful Gisum road and its forest and beach with a short drive. It should be mentioned that parts of the film Hazrat Suleiman were made in the areas of Islam and were reminiscent of the city of Jerusalem.


Khalkhal city also has beautiful nature due to its proximity to Gilan province; Therefore, this region has cool weather in the summer season as well, and this is one of the reasons why tourists travel to Khalkhal in this season. Among the tourist attractions of Khalkhal, we can mention Azno promenade and Eller Baghi Park. In winter, some sports competitions are held in this area. Another recreational part of Khalkhal is Givi Spa, which is located near this city, and unlike many Iranian spas that are full of people, Givi Spa can be a relaxing place for your travels.


The Aslam-Khalkhal Road is a 70-kilometer route that starts from the city of Aslam in Gilan province and ends in the city of Khalkhal in the south of Ardabil province, between East Azarbaijan province and Zanjan province. Surely, after seeing this road, your view of nature tourism will change.


The last stage of the fifth day of the trip is a light jungle hike and a visit to the waterfall in the heart of the forest. The green nature of northern Iran is one of the first options you will go to for nature tourism. A place that will draw you to this area in different seasons. Do you have the experience of traveling to the heart of the forest and visiting a natural waterfall? Have you seen the waterfall up close? What do you think is the most attractive point of nature tourism in this style? Every type of travel has its own concerns. For some trips, you should take a stylish and luxurious luggage and go to the hotel. Others require a lot of luggage and the use of a private car. Sometimes you have to take your backpack and hiking equipment and hit the roads and forests.


To see the waterfall, you must take your backpack and nature tourism equipment with you. Suitable shoes for walking in the forest, clothes suitable for the season, travel food containers, flashlight, tent and sleeping bag are obligatory for those who intend to stay in the forest. Remember to bring waterproof ponchos or any other tools that will help you when it rains.

If it rains and you don’t have the right equipment, it is likely that the beautiful scenery of the trip will turn into a bad memory for you. So please be careful.

You can’t have a good time in the forest without proper clothes and shoes. Do not forget this. For example, the author of this article, i.e., myself, visited one of the most beautiful waterfalls in Iran in the depths of a pristine forest, without proper equipment. Can you guess what the result of the trip was for him? Yes! The trip was not very pleasant. But don’t be like that and wear proper shoes and clothes

Sixth day:

Masuleh is the first place from the sixth day of our trip. A beautiful view of terraced houses, balconies decorated with geranium flowers, virgin and green forests, roaring waterfalls and high mountains, is one of those views that will definitely make you fall in love with it. The pleasant climate, warm and hospitable people, high quality food and the dreamy atmosphere of the city of Masuleh, Gilan, are so attractive that they will draw you back again and again.


On August 30, 1354, Masoleh was registered in the list of national monuments as a cultural and natural heritage and the first living historical city of the country as a complete collection with number 1090. Currently, Masuleh is under the supervision of the Cultural Heritage, Handicrafts and Tourism Organization as well as the Provincial Environment Department and fortunately, it is well taken care of.

Rudkhan Castle is the second place to visit on the sixth day of our trip. Rudkhan Castle, Gilan, is one of the most important historical and military fortresses in Iran, which is located in Foman city and among the forest trees. This strong and impregnable castle has gone through many ups and downs throughout its history and is now considered one of the most important sights in Foman, which attracts many tourists. Rudkhan Castle is one of the famous places of Foman in the green and pleasant province of Gilan. This spectacular castle is located 20 kilometers southwest of Foman, near the village of Rudkhan, above the forest heights of Heydar Alat region and in the middle of a dense forest. The height of Rudkhan Castle is between 655 and 715 meters above sea level.

Rudkhan Castle has about 1600 steps that are new and built for tourists. The main stairs were pulled out from under the soil during the archaeological excavations along the walls and towers, and their number reaches 935; That’s why this place is known as the Thousand Steps Castle.

With an area of ​​2.6 hectares, Rudkhan Castle is about 500 meters long, with different widths in some places. The height of the tower and its ramparts also reaches 1500 meters. The materials used in the construction of this castle are bricks and stones. This fort generally consists of two parts, the citadel and the courtyard, where the citadel was the royal residence of Rudkhan Castle, and the harem and courtyard were the place for military activities and soldiers’ lives. The citadel in the western part has two floors and is made of bricks, and the guardhouses in the eastern part have two floors with many skylights and openings dominating the surroundings of the castle.


seventh day:

Saqalaksar lake is our first sightseeing place on the seventh day of the trip. Gilan province is a piece of heaven in the north of the country and its place is full of amazing natural attractions that attract many Iranian and foreign tourists every year. Saqalaksar village and its famous earthen dam is one of the sights of Rasht, which you should not miss during your trip to this city.


Saqalaksar village is a unique place with good facilities, a short distance from Rasht. Saqalaksar Lake, the cleanest lake in Gilan, may be very familiar to you; Yes, you guessed it right, this lake is the location of the movie Fish and Cat. Continue with us to take you on a journey through this blue lake, which is a transparent mirror of the surrounding beauty, and the reflection of the dense trees in it gives the tourists a strange peace and tranquility; A vision that cannot be ignored.

Saqalaksar village is one of the functions of the central part of Rasht city in Gilan province, which is located in Lakan village, 16 km south of Rasht city (about half an hour from the city center) and on the Jiredeh road. According to the 2015 census, 689 people live in this village, which is also known as “Salke Sar”. Saqalaksar village is located at an altitude of 50 meters above sea level and has a moderate climate. The distance between Saqalaksar village and Tehran is 324 km, and you have to drive for about four and a half hours to reach it.


Saravan forest is our second place of nature tourism. The beautiful natural landscape, towering trees, raging rivers and virgin forest are part of the attractions around Saravan Lake; But Saravan Lake is the most famous attraction of Saravan Forest Park. Many tourists travel to this area throughout the year to visit the Saravan Marsh. The entire province of Gilan is surrounded by green forests and natural attractions, which have turned this province into one of the busiest tourism and nature tourism destinations in Iran. Saravan Lake is the unspoiled attraction of Saravan Forest Park and one of the must-see places in Rasht near the city. This lake is located on the left side of the entrance of the second phase of Saravan Forest Park, and its beautiful view has given a special effect to this forest park. At first glance, many tourists imagine that a vast meadow is in front of them; But it is not. The mosses resulting from the humidity of the environment and a kind of pest in the trees of the area have covered the entire lake with a green cover.


The green cover on the lake has made Saravan Lagoon one of the most popular attractions in Gilan. Saravan Lake and the forest park around it have a convenient road and a close distance to Rasht city, which also has a greater impact on the popularity of this area.


Saravan Lake and Forest Park are located in a forest with an area of ​​1,487 hectares, of which 210 hectares are protected. Other parts of Saravan Forest are very suitable for recreation in this area. Saravan Forest Park is located in a length of 7,600 km with an east-west width of two kilometers, and in 1370, this part was separated from Saravan Forest in order to use it as a forest park.

Rasht tourism is the last stage of our tourism on the seventh day. There are many places of interest in Rasht and it is considered one of the beautiful and different cities of Gilan province. Shopping, sightseeing, nature tourism, as well as visiting Rasht’s sights, make the trip to this city memorable and attractive. But for all this, it is better to know which are the free entertainments in Rasht and to be familiar with the list of places to see in Rasht before traveling here and visiting Rasht. Stay with Karnaval to introduce you to the ins and outs of this city and tell you about Rasht’s entertainment places, and answer the question of where to go for fun in Rasht. The beautiful city of Rasht has a very pleasant weather in spring and autumn, and it can be a good option for nature lovers due to its proximity to the pristine nature around it. All this makes Rasht a good option for travel. You know that you had a great time on this trip and you can’t forget the good memories.


Eighth day:

The eighth day is the transfer to Tehran. In order to complete the service of Varan’s exclusive ceremony set to the esteemed passengers, an airport transfer department was launched. In this regard, esteemed passengers can use airport transfers in addition to using CIP services in various domestic and foreign airports. The service is carried out by various vehicles (taxi and ceremonial vehicles) from the airport to the city or from the city to the airport. Our airport transfer team has tried to serve our passengers by considering the appropriate standards in cities where it is possible to provide high-quality service.

All our efforts are to provide the right service and a different experience in your travels. We are with you in every step of the way. The qualified and well-groomed drivers of our collection will accompany you before and after your trips, to bring you and your families to your destination with ease and confidence.

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