March 30, 2023

Package No. 1: Iranology Classic tour

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Package No. 1: Iranology Classic tour, Iran Tours Guide: Top Tours and Tour leaders

Iranology Tours classic

Iran really has amazing nature. One of the most memorable experiences you can create for yourself is to dedicate a few weeks to Iran. Start from Tehran, the capital of Iran, see all the cities on your way one by one and record the incredible Iranian landscapes in your mind and soul. Then visit the west, south and east of Iran and finally return to beautiful Tehran. But if you plan to visit Iran, it is really difficult to know where to go and which cities to visit.

For this reason, a complete and comprehensive road map can help you know the priority cities. Also, a proper planning can help you choose the right clothes and equipment for each city in the country. Join Iran Tour to get the road map and all the necessary information for your amazing trip.

With the help of our package, we accompany you on this enjoyable path.

Package No. 1 (Iranology tour (classic))


first day:

Airport to hotel

Saad Abad Palace

Tajrish market

Azadi Tower


second day:

Golestan palace

Zoroastrian fire temple

One of the museums

Church of St. Gregory


third day:

Moving to Kashan

Visiting Finn’s Garden

Historical district

Tabatabai’s house

Boroujerdi House

Sultan Amir Ahmad Bathhouse


Fourth day:

The underground city of Nushabad

Maranjab desert


five Day:

Moving to Isfahan

Visiting Abyaneh

Paul Khajo


Sixth day:

Naghsh Jahan square

Shah Mosque

Aali Qapu mansion

Sheikh Lotfollah Mosque

Armenian Quarter

Vank Church

seventh day:

central Mosque

Spire vacillatory

music Museum



Eighth day:

Moving to Yazd

Visiting the historical neighborhood of Fahadan

central Mosque

Iskandar Prison

Amir Chakhmagh Historical Mosque


ninth day:

Zoroastrian tomb

Zoroastrian fire temple

Zoroast neighborhood

Dowlat Abad Garden


tenth day:

Moving to Shiraz


Rostam’s role


eleventh day:

Nasir-ol-Molk Mosque

The Orangery consistency

Karim Khan Citadel

Vakil mosque

Vakil bazaar


twelveth day:

Ali Ibn Hamza Mausoleum

Eram garden

Tomb of Hafez


thirteenth day:



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